About Te Kete

Te Kete Kāwanatanga is a book about governing Māori organisations.  The book describes a complete system of governance, not just a collection of ad hoc practices, based on the fundamental principles of how organisations actually work.  It’s a system that can be used in any organisation, from the largest rūnanga or post-settlement entity to the smallest hapū-based entity.

The governance system described in Te Kete Kāwanatanga has a name:  it’s called Policy Governance®.  The Policy Governance system is the creation of Dr John Carver, regarded by many as the foremost thinker about governance alive today1.  Carver’s system has received endorsement from throughout the governance community and is widely used around the world.

Te Kete Kāwanatanga takes the reader on a journey from first principles, beginning with a definition of governance and progressively unpacking and applying the definition to Māori organisations.  Everything the reader needs to understand to be a good governor is explained in the book, and all of the resources and tools the reader needs are available on this website.

Note 1: Policy Governance is the registered trademark of John Carver. The authoritative website for the Policy Governance model can be found at www.carvergovernance.com.