About David

David’s career spans 40 years, the last 20 of which have been spent working with or for Māori organisations.  David has consulted to about 100 Māori organisations in that time.  These organisations span the complete spectrum of Māori entities, from the largest rūnanga to the smallest marae-based entities and everything in between, including healthcare and social service providers, land-owning incorporations, mandated negotiation bodies, post-settlement entities, commercial entities, marae and marae collectives to a small housing cooperative and a Māori theatre company.  David has been an advisor to a number of Crown departments and entities on aspects of governing Māori organisations.  He has also been CEO of three Māori entities and is currently a trustee of a post-settlement governance entity.

You can download a brief bio of David here.

You can download a copy of David’s full CV here.